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About V831

In the last year or so, we’ve started to see several camera SoCs with a built-in NPU or SIMD instructions to accelerate face detection, objects detection and so on, starting with the low-resolution Kendryte K210 processor to the 2.5K Ingenic T31 MIPS video processor, or even the 4K capable iCatch V37 camera SoC.

Allwinner introduces several camera processors (V3, V316, S3…) in the past, but none of them included an NPU aka AI accelerator. This has now changed with Allwinner V831 Cortex-A7 Full HD camera SoC also including a small 200 GOPS NPU.

Copied from allwinner-v831-ai-full-hd-camera-soc-powers-sochip-v831-development-board

v831 Chip



Item Specs Addition
CPU Up to 800Mhz
Video encoder H.264, up to 1080p@30fps
H265, up to 1080p@30fps
JPEG, up to 1080p@30fps
NPU 0.2T ---
EISE Up to 1080p@30fps ---
SDRAM SIP 64MB DDR2 SIP(System In a Package)
SMHC SMHC x2 (SDC0, SDC1) SD-MMC Host controller
SPI SPI x2 (SPI0, SPI1) ---
LCD Serial RGB, i8080 ---
DSPO BT656 ---
I2S I2S x1 (I2S0) ---
Parallel CSI No support ---
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet port with RMII
TWI TWI x4 (TWI0, TWI1, TWI2, TWI3) ---
RSB No support ---
GPADC 1-ch ---
Audio codec Output: LINEOUTP
Input: MICIN1P/N
MIPI CSI 2-lane, up to 1080p@60fps ---
MIPI DSI No support ---
Package QFN88 ---

Click to download V833/V831 Datasheet V1.0.pdf


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