Burn image

System introduction

There are 2 system images for Lichee MaixSense(which will be called R329 below)

Image name armbian Tina
Description A lightweight Debian for arm development board Linux system created by Allwinner Based on OpenWRT1404
Feature Linux mainline, mutiple contents Tiny os
Target users Geeker, or newer Customization requirements developer
  • For armbian system image it's required to use sd card over than 4GBi
  • For Tina os it needs sd card over than 512MBi
  • Low speed sd card will lead a bad experience

Get image

armbian system image

Download armbian system image from MEGA :https://mega.nz/folder/1B4RFKpK#X0tMwHLHFQJvJ9POt_lXtg

The image named with maixpy3 means this image has installed MaixPy3 and its related drivers

This image file is created by dd). It's suggested to use Etcher in Windows OS to burn image, and use Linux Terminal to burn image in Linux OS.

Tina system image

Tina os need to be compiled by yourself, visit https://github.com/sipeed/R329-Tina-jishu for imformation.

Its burning method is the same as MaixII Dock, visit Buring MaixII-Dock OS for detailed steps.

Burn system

Windows burn system

Get software:

Exteact the .img file from your downloaded image file, then use SD Card Formatter format your sd card, run Etcher, click Flash from file, choose the extracted .img file, click Select target and choose your sd card, click Flash to burn your sd card, wait it for finishing.


Linux burn system

Exteact the .img file from your downloaded image file, format the sd card, and open a terminal, use command sudo dd if = xxx.img of=/dev/sdx bs=1M status=progress oflag=direct to burn image into your sd card. The xxx.img is your extracted file, and the of=/dev/sdx is your sd card registered name.

We can also use Disks to burn sd card

After finishing burning, insert the sd card burned image file into Lichee MaixSense.

Use Serial communication

  • Plug in Type C cable into the usb port marked Debug, then you can use serial terminal to control this board

Linux & macOS

For linux OS, use command ls /dev/ttyUSB* to see your device COM number, then use serial application to connect the board.


Lichee MaixSense equips with CH340 as serial chip, but we need install its driver to use it.

Click this to download the driver for this serial chip, after installing this driver, you can find your device serial port from Device manager