The frequently asked questions are summarized on this page for the purpose of:

  • It is convenient for everyone to quickly find solutions to problems that have already been solved, without having to ask multiple times everywhere, improving the efficiency of problem solving.
  • After solving the problem, it is convenient for everyone to share the solution in the corresponding place, so that more people can benefit.

If you have solved the problem or have any experience, you are welcome to share it so that more people can benefit.
The sharing location is the FAQ page of the corresponding product in the table below, or the corresponding MaixHub discussion section.

If it is a Wiki, submit changes according to Contributed Documents (you need to register github account first);
If it is a MaixHub discussion, you can post directly under the corresponding topic.

Products/Projects Documentation FAQ page
1. Maix-I (K210)
2. MaixPy
1. M1 module
2. MaixBit board
3. MaixPy
K210 和 MaixPy 问题全在 MaixPy FAQ
Maix-II (V831) Maix-II Dock 1. Basic usage FAQ
2. MaixPy3 FAQ
MaixPy3 MaixPy3 MaixPy3 FAQ
Maix-III AXeraPi (AX620A) M3-AXeraPi AXeraPi FAQ
MaixHub maixhub.com MaixHub FAQ
Tang FPGA Tang Tang FAQ


Sipeed Community Address
MaixHub (recommended)
Sipeed's AI platform and sharing community
1. Model sharing
2. Project sharing
3. Experience sharing
4. Embedded application sharing
Sipeed Community (recommended)
Will be migrated to MaixHub in July
Currently only recommended to ask questions
Telegram t.me/sipeed
Twitter twitter.com/SipeedIO
FPGA Reddit GowinFPGA