Buring MaixII-Dock OS

Edit on 2022.06.27

Get system image file

Download the newest V831 system image from Download website SDK_MaixII/release, unpack the downloaded file to get the .img file, which is the system image file.

If it slows to download, you can use MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/5dJSWJDD#nQmiOeJsX6pEl2Q0cBrj2A

Image file name rule

For V831 there is name rule for all files.

Here I take v831-m2dock-maixhub-0.5.1-20220701.zip and v831-m2dock-maixpy3-0.5.1-20220701.zip these two image files for example.

Name Meaning
maixpy3-0.5.1 For MaixPy3 and its version is 0.5.1 , no maixhub app inside
maixhub-0.5.1 For MaixPy3 and its version is 0.5.1 , contains maixhub app
m2dock Image for MaixII-Dock
20220701 Update date

Buring System

Using Windows

We use PhoenixCard and PhoenixSuit to burn image in Windows OS. The first one is used for burning image file into TF card and PhoenixSuit is used for burning image file into flash through USB.

Here we take PhoenixCard for example.


Start burning system

Connect you sd card reader inserted with sd card with your computer

Use SD Card Formatter to format your TF card first: Click Refresh then choose your target disk carefully, click Format

Format SD card

Follow the steps below to complete burning

burn image

  • Run PhoenixCard
  • Click Image marked with ① to choose your target firmware
  • We choose Start up marked with ②
  • Click Burn marked with ③ to burn your target firmware into tf card
  • From Status bar marked with ④ to see your progress;If it's red when finishing this means it fails burning, then we should rerun SD Card Formatter to format the TF card to increase its success possibility.
  • Click Close to close PhoenixCard

Using Linux(Ubuntu)


  • Install Livesuit
  1. Install dkms

    sudo apt install dkms
  2. Install libpng1.2(It must be this version)

    wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libp/libpng/libpng_1.2.54.orig.tar.xz
    tar xvf  libpng_1.2.54.orig.tar.xz
    cd libpng-1.2.54
    make -j8
    sudo make install

    update link binary:

    sudo ldconfig
  3. Install livesuit

    git clone https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-livesuite.git
    cd sunxi-livesuite
    chmod +x LiveSuit.sh
    sudo ./LiveSuit.sh

Start burning system

  • Run command sudo livesuit to run livesuit software, then click the red box marked in the picture below to choose your image file.

choose firmware

  • Connect your computer with OTG interface on MaixII-Dock without SD card in it, this software will show a dialog, then insert SD card into MaixII-Dock and click yes to format SD card and burning system.

format SD card

  • Wait burning finished, then we can begin to use it.