This board is different from Maix-I series, it's main chip not only contains AI acceleration hardcore, but also supports running armbian operating systems.

M2A core board

M2A core board use R329 as main chip, and also contains components like power management chip, fel burn key, wifi module, storge pad reserved and RMGII interface.


R329 chip

R329 is a 64 bits processor designed by Allwinner containing dual Cortex-A53 inside, with 2 HIFI4 DSP used for audio pre-processing and post-processing, containing an extremely low energy consumption AIPU (Artificial intelligence processing unit) whose hash rate over 0.256 TOPS designed by ARM China, can be used to accelerate neural network, dealing with the 720P image captured by camera.


Item Specs
CPU Dual-core ARM Cortex™-A53@1.5GHz
32KB L1 I-cache + 32KB L1 D-cache per core
256KB L2 cache
DSP Dual-core HiFi4@400MHz
32KB L1 I-cache + 32KB L1 D-cache per core
NPU zhouyi™Z1 AIPU,0.25TOPS@600MHz
RAM 256MB DDR3 inside
Storge Support SPI Nand/Nor/eMMC
Audio Supports 5 audio ADC and 2 audio DAC
Supports 5 analog audio inputs and 2 analog audio output
Up to 3 I2S/PCM controllers for Bluetooth and external audio codec
Integrated digital microphone, supports up to 8 digital microphones
Enthernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
Host * 1
SDIO SDIO 3.0 * 2
I2S I2S*3(I2S0, I2S1, S-I2S0)
GPADC 4-ch
PWM PWM*15(PWM[8:0], S-PWM[5:0])


MaixSense is a really small Linux card computer. Its package contains a SOM based on R329, and a multifunction IO expansion bottom board. Running Linux OS, it can be used for personal server, Intelligent voice assistant or robotis. Because of the AIPU npu core, this board can also be used for intelligent voice and video image processing, and AI model like CV , NLP can also run on it.

Tina Linux:Tina Linux is an embedded system built for intelligent hardware products by Allwinner based on openwrt-14.07. Kernel source code, drivers, toolchain, system middleware and application packages can be found @

MaixSense not only can run Tina os, but also can run armbian, which is built based on debian/ubuntu, is a really full linux os.

Name armbian Tina
Description A Debian OS for arm devices An OS modified from OpenWRT1404
Feature Linux mainline, with many advantages Deeply modified, well fits hardware
Target user New Linux user Linux developer, custome design

Maixsense appearance

Maixsense outlook

MaixSense Specs

MaixSense Specs
CPU Dual ARM CortexTM-A53™
AIPU(NPU) TZ1AIPU,Supports up to 0.25TOPS@600MHz max
Memory SPI NAND pad(Default blank)
SD card slot on bottom board
Video Encoder H264/5 &JPEG,supports up to 720p@30fps
Camera Default equipped with OV9732,720P@30fps HD.
Connected by USB-C connector, supports front or back insertion (can be used as front or rear cameras)
Microphone 2 Analog MEMS microphones,average sensitivity 91dB SPL@1kHz
Screen 1.5 inch SPI screen, with 0.5mm 12P FPC interface,240*240 resolution
Key 1 reset key and 4 user keys(ADC keys),1 download key(FEL)
Ethernet 24P 0.5mm FPC connector,for connecting PHY
IO Routed 3*10P 2.54mm IO pads
4P* 1.25 male connectors(Used for usart1)
See following pinout for more help




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