Sipeed Wiki

The Wiki page provides a detailed introduction to the parameters of Sipeed's various products, as well as data and documentation.

1. Product

1.1. AI Maix Series

AIOT edge calculation (visual, auditory and common microcontroller functions)

The chip can achieve the following machine vision capabilities:

  • General target detection based on convolutional neural networks
  • Image classification task based on convolutional neural network
  • Face detection and face recognition
  • Get the size and coordinates of the detected target in real time
  • Get the type of detected target in real time

And the following machine hearing capabilities:

  • Sound source orientation
  • Sound field imaging
  • Beamforming
  • Voice wake up
  • Speech Recognition


  • Maix M1: Small size, cost-effective K210 module

Development Board

Introduction to Maix Series Development Board

Software Development Kit

Introduction to Maix Software Development Kit

1.2. Lichee Pi Series

Highly cost-effective Linux development board (module)

  • Lichee Pi Nano: Compact Linux core board/development board (All-Chief F1C100s)
  • Lichee Pi Zero: Exquisite mini Cortex-A7 core board/development board (Allwinner V3s)

1.3. FPGA Lichee Tang Series

2. Buy

Items mentioned in the wiki can be purchased at the official Taobao store. If not, please ask the store details.

3. open source code

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