SPMOD - SERVO Introduction

  • Using Sipeed-SPMOD interface(2.54mm * 8PIN ),unified MaixPy board interface
  • Using SP-MOD to control up to 6 independent 9g servos
  • Servo interface uses 3P 2.54 pitch pin header
  • Independent external 5V power supply, will not take power from SP-MOD
  • Built-in LED,making module status easier to see.
  • Size:35.0*20*1.6mm
Features: ---
PWM 9g servo interface *6 In the case of an external 4.8-6V power supply, 6 servos can be connected and controlled separately
Supply voltage of external power supply 4.8V-6.0V
Supply current of external power supply Depends on the working conditions of the module, usually less than 1500mA
Range of working temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃

SPMOD_SERVO pin description:


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  • SPMOD_SERVO Size drawing:

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