SPMOD - JoyStick


SPMOD_JoyStick (JoyStick module).

SPMOD - JoyStick Introduction

  • Using Sipeed-SPMOD interface(2.54mm * 8PIN ),unified MaixPy board interface
  • Connect to the board through the SP-MOD SPI interface
  • 7.2V~9V DC can be connected via external adapter,power the vibration motor of the handle
  • Built-in step-up circuit,easy to drive the handle
  • Compatible with PSX/PS2
  • Size:35.0*20.0*13.3mm

SPMOD_JoyStick pin description:

Pin Name Type Description
1 GND G Ground
2 CS I Chip Select input pin
3 SO I/O Master In Slave Out
4 NC NC Not connected
5 3V3 V Power supply(3.3V)
6 SCK I SPI clock pin
7 SI I/O Master Out Slave In
8 ACK O data ready output pin


  • 待更新


  • SPMOD_JoyStick Size drawing:

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