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  • This is for Windows users only

Troubles with programmer

Make sure there are 2 converters in Device Manager before reading.

If there are two converters, this means computer and board succeed connectting. And if there is no converter, try another USB port or reinstall driver.

Download frequency

Make sure the frquency is equal or lower than 2.5MHz ,

Otherwise it may lead some errors.

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Choose Frequency

Cilck Save

Trouble downloading

If you have any problems programming or flashing FPGA development board, it's required to use the programmer which can be downloaded at this page instead of what is installed with the IDE.

ID code mismatch

This error means wrong device choice. All that refers chip model(like he project device, pin constrain, IP modules and programmer device choose) need to be changed.

For Nano 9K it should be choose as follow:

Click to see the choice of 9K

For other boards, just make sure your device selection corresponds to the laser mark on chip package.

Download slowly

Don't choose Operation containing Verify

Can't find download file

Normally the download file whose extension name is fs is in the impl/pnr folder under the project path.

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From the picture above we can know the path of this download file is fpga_project1/impl/pnr/fpga_project1.fs

The fpga_project1 is the project dictionary, the impl is generated by IDE, and the download is in the folder named pnr

The file whose extension name is fs is what we will burn into fpga

No Gowin devices found

This can be solved by replacing Programmer as mentioned in Trouble downloading

Cabel open failed

After finishing replacing programmer as mentioned previously,Do following steps in programmer application.

Click Edit->Cable Setting->Cable->Query in the top menu bar,then save.

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Click Query in the following picture

Click Save

Troubles with IDE

Using GAO

GAO is Gowin Analyzer Oscilloscope, its document can be found in the path like what is shown below

GAO path

It's tested IDE version before V1.9.8.1 and V1.9.8.1 is ok, the newer version has not be tesetd.

View IP reference

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Reconfigure generated IP

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