Install RNDIS driver


RNDIS is the abbreviation of Remote Network Driver Interface Specification, is a specification to run TCP/IP on USB devices.

Install guide

In Windows7 and later operating systems, RNDIS is already built-in. But we need do some operations to make the computer generally recognize the relevant RNDIS-compliant device.

Download driver

Windows Driver:Click me

Install driver

Connect the device with computer, then we can see Serial Device in computer device manager. If there is no Serial Device in the computer device manager, maybe because of insufficient power supply. For desktop we recommend use the USB port on the back, for those who use USB hub we recommend use extra power supply for the hub, and we suggest to use the USB 3.0 port because USB 2.0 may lack of power to drive.

Serial device

Right click it, choose Update driver, then choose Broswer my computer for drivers

Update drivers

We choose Let me pick from...

Choose driver

We choose Have Disk...


We choose Broswe...


Open the extracted downloaded file path, choose one .inf file, click the open.


Here we click OK


Then we choose Next.


We have finished installing driver.


Replug USB device, and wait about 10 seconds, we can see RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget in Network adapters in Device Manager.