HTPA thermal infrared temperature measurement module

    Can be used for non-contact temperature measurement.


    • Power supply voltage (DC): 3.3V
    • Current consumption: 5.5(±1.0)mA
    • Clock frequency (sensor): 5(±3)MHz
    • Ambient temperature range: -20 ~ 85℃
    • Target temperature range: -20 ~ >1000°C
    • Frame rate (full frame): 2 ~ 27hz
    • Frame rate (quarter frame): 8 ~ 110hz
    • Noise equivalent temperature difference (best optics): 140mK@1Hz
    • Communication method: I2C


    MaixPy has implemented htpa in modules (you need to enable the module when the firmware is compiled to be available).

    • Import and create htpa
    from machine import I2C
    from modules import htpa
    dev = htpa(i2c=I2C.I2C0, scl_pin=7, sda_pin=6, i2c_freq=1000000)
    • Get the temperature of all points in the detection range
    temperature = dev.temperature()

    API details refer to modules.htpa


    • Draw temperature distribution graph on LCD: htpa demo