SIPEED MaixDuino is a development board compatible with Arduino based on our M1 module (main control: Kendryte K210)

    MaixDuino integrates camera, TF card slot, user buttons, TFT display, MaixDuino expansion interface, etc., users can use MaixDuino to easily build a face recognition access control system, and also reserve development and debugging interfaces, which can also be used As a powerful AI learning development board.

    Appearance and function introduction

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    Onboard functions

    Project Description
    CPU: Dual-core 64bit RISC-V / 400MHz* (double-precision FPU integration)
    Memory: 8MiB 64bit on-chip SRAM
    Storage: 16MiB Flash, support micro SDXC expansion storage (max 128GB)
    Screen (package): 2.4 inch TFT, screen resolution: 320*240
    Camera (package): 30W pixel GC0328 camera
    DVP: Standard Camera DVP 24PIN interface
    Power + USB: USB Type-C interface
    ESP32: ESP32 SPI connection (ESP32 supports WIFI and Bluetooth), PAM8403A
    DAC: I2C DAC
    TF card slot: Multimedia resource expansion, support large-capacity storage

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    Sipeed-Maix-Duino data download: Sipeed-Maix-Duino

    Sipeed-Maix-Duino specification download: Sipeed-Maix-Duino

    Sipeed-Maix-Duino schematic download: Sipeed-Maix-Duino