Selected MaixPy related open source projects

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    • Related to MaixPy
    • The project has a complete and clear README, including introduction, effects, code, usage, etc.

    Model training

    Project Home Introduction Author
    sipeed/maix_train Classification and detection model training project Sipeed
    lemariva/MaixPy_YoloV2 Use Mobilenet+YOLOv2 to perform object detection on the Sipeed Maix Dock development board, see blog lemariva
    zhen8838/K210_Yolo_framework yolo v3 model training framework on k210 zhen8838
    TonyZ1Min/yolo-for-k210 Train YOLO object detection model on windows TonyZ1Min

    UI & System

    Project Home Introduction Author
    sipeed/MaixUI An UI written with MaixPy scripts Sipeed
    eggfly/M5StickVComputer A pure Python application framework running on M5StickV eggfly