Grove-Chainable RGB LED (Linkable LED lights)

    Grove-Chainable RGB LED uses 2-wire transmission (data and clock) to communicate with the MCU. This 2-wire transmission can be used to cascade multiple modules. Built-in clock regeneration can extend the transmission distance. The Grove module is suitable for any project based on colored LEDs.


    Item Value
    Working voltage 5V
    Electric current 20mA
    Communication protocol serial communication


    • Import the RGB_LED class in the routine warehouse and create an RGB_LED object
    from RGB_LED import RGB_LED
    led = RGB_LED(clk_pin, data_pin, led_num, clk_gpiohs_num, data_gpiohs_num, True)
    • Set the color of a light, the color value is rgb format
    for i in range(led_num):
        led.set_RGB(i, r, g, b)


    Grove-Chainable RGB LED example


    Module details: Seeed Grove-Chainable RGB LED