Grove-Ultrasonic Ranger (Ultrasonic Ranger)

    Grove-Ultrasonic Ranger is a non-contact ranging module with a working frequency of 40KHz. The trigger and echo signals of Grove_Ultrasonic_Ranger share a SIG pin.


    Item Value
    Working voltage 3.2~5.2V
    Working current 8ma
    Ultrasonic frequency 40kHz
    Measuring range 2-350cm
    Resolution 1cm
    Output PWM
    Size 50mm x 25mm x 16mm
    Weight 13g
    Measurement angle 15°
    Working temperature -10~60°C
    Trigger signal 10uS TTL
    Echo signal TTL


    MaixPy has implemented ultrasonic driver in the modules module.

    • Import ultrasonic class and create object
    from modules import ultrasonic
    device = ultrasonic(fm.fpioa.GPIOHS0)
    • Get the current measurement distance (cm)
    distance = device.measure(unit = ultrasonic.UNIT_CM, timeout = 3000000)


    Grove-Ultrasonic Ranger example