Grove AI HAT

    Appearance and function introduction

    Appearance at a glance

    Grove AI HAT

    Onboard functions

    Project Description
    CPU: Dual-core 64bit RISC-V / 400MHz (double-precision FPU integration)
    Memory: 8MiB 64bit on-chip SRAM
    Storage: 16MiB Flash
    Screen (package): 2.4 inch TFT, capacitive touch screen resolution: 320*240
    Camera (package): Equipped with 0V7740 30W pixels Sensor
    Buttons: Reset button, power button (short press to turn on, long press 8S to turn off)
    USB: Type-C interface, positive and negative blind plugging
    Onboard sensors: Three-axis acceleration sensor (ADXL345BCCZ-RL), ADC (ADS1115IDGS)

    Hardware onboard expansion interface

    The development version opens four Grove interfaces to users, and users can easily DIY.

    Onboard I2C device

    Sensor Function I2C address (7-bit address) SCL SDA Sample code
    ADS1115 ADC 0x48 IO23 IO24 script
    ADXL345 Three-axis accelerometer 0x53 IO23 IO24 script