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First, please read carefully the directory structure on the left sidebar to take a look at the contents of the document

  • Introduction: MaixPy's introduction, works display, and development history, etc.
  • Getting Started: The introductory tutorial for using MaixPy, including the basic knowledge, must be read to avoid many problems and save a lot of time for subsequent development
  • Hand-in-hand tutorial: Here is a step-by-step teaching of the use of various functions. It is useful for students who are just getting started and don’t know what to do. Read carefully.
  • API Manual: API manuals of each functional module, convenient to refer to during programming
    • Standard Library: micropython standard library, many APIs are compatible with python3 APIs
    • machine: machine related, restart control, machine UID, and various peripheral control
    • Maix: Some special modules, such as FPIOA, KPU, FFT, etc.
    • Built-in class: Built-in class written in mpy (short for micropython), which can be found in the source code project
    • Machine Vision: Some machine vision related modules, image sensor lcd is roughly compatible with OpenMV API, but will not be updated with OpenMV in real time later
    • Additional Peripheral Modules: The use of some peripheral modules, such as touch screen, ultrasonic, LED lights, etc.
    • Built-in applications: Built-in applications, such as NES game console (FC gamer), pye (built-in document editor)
  • Frequently Asked Questions FAQ: Summary of frequently asked questions
  • Advanced: Some advanced gameplay, and how to participate in the modification of the document and the modification of the source code, or the contribution of the routine
  • Community & Sharing: Collect some good tutorials, works, open source projects, etc. from the community. You can also share your own works or tutorials according to the contribution instructions

Important must-read part

Introduction and Getting Started Guide, be sure to read them completely, and you must read it first if you encounter problems FAQ

Start learning

  • Just contact, you can read carefully from top to next page according to the table of contents on the left sidebar, just follow along, don’t skip the entry! ! !
  • Learn how to update the firmware and how to write code. It is also very important to learn how to use a serial terminal. It is not recommended to rely too much on the IDE, especially when the program dies, the terminal may get more error messages, which is more conducive to solving the problem. When encountering problems and asking questions in the community, try to give complete information about the terminal operation
  • Each module/library document is accompanied by a simple routine at the end, or here: MaixPy_script to find the examples you need, you can try to run it to see the effect
  • Regarding the interface and parameters of the module, please refer to it according to your needs when using it. There is a search box in the upper right corner, which can be used well. At the same time, you can also use the browser's page search function, that is, press the keyboard Ctrl +F , then enter the content to be searched and press the confirm key
  • Please don’t worry if there is anything you can’t find, you can go to the issue page of github to find (search and search) if anyone has mentioned it , If not, you can create a new issue, or go to Forum to search for the issue, and don’t ask for help anymore, or contact technical support.

FAQ of this document

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MaixPy FAQ

  • For frequently asked questions, please see FAQ

Other tutorials

  • In addition to the documentation, you can also browse blog, tutorials written by BBS users, or Baidu search, and various developers’ Blogs, there will be many development tutorials, development diaries, etc., you can refer to

Questioning skills

Ask questions in various places, whether it’s github or QQ groups, forums, or emails. When asking questions, try to provide complete steps to reproduce the problem. You should use the process you have gone through, how the problem occurred, and what the phenomenon is It must be fully explained. Don't be afraid of too many words. Think about the problem from the perspective of the solver. Can the developer solve the problem? It is convenient for developers to test and solve problems during their busy schedule!

For more details, please see the next section How to ask questions elegantly