Grove-RGB LED Ring (LED strip)

    The Grove-RGB LED ring uses 3535 size LEDs, and the LEDs are embedded with embedded microcontrollers. Each WS2813 driver chip can be addressed and located inside the LED. Each LED is driven by a constant current, so even if the voltage changes, the color will be very consistent.


    Item Value
    Working voltage 3.3V/5V
    Quiet current 0.7mA/LED
    RGB channel constant current 16mA/LED
    Refresh frequency 2Hz
    Reset time >280μs
    Working temperature -25~85℃
    Storage temperature -40~105℃


    MaixPy has implemented the WS2812 driver in the modules module.

    • To create a ws2812 object, only a single signal line is needed
    from modules import ws2812
    led_io, led_num = 24, 24
    ws = ws2812(led_io, led_num)
    • Set the color of a certain light and display it
    for i in range(led_num):
        ws.set_led(i, (0, 0, 0))


    Grove-RGB LED Ring example