Maix Dock

Appearance and function introduction

Appearance list

  • MaixDock(M1W)


  • MaixDock(M1)


Onboard functions

Item Description
CPU: Dual-core 64bit RISC-V / 400MHz* (double-precision FPU integration)
Memory: 8MiB 64bit on-chip SRAM
Storage: 16MiB Flash, support micro SDXC expansion storage (max 128GB)
Screen (package): 2.4 inch TFT, screen resolution: 320*240
Camera (package): 30W pixel GC0328 camera
WIFI: MaixDock(M1W) uses M1W (integrated ESP8285 WIFI SOC); MaixDock(M1) has no internal WIFI function
TF card slot: Multimedia resource expansion, support large-capacity storage

Pin Resources


Sipeed-Maix-Dock data download: Sipeed-Maix-Dock

Sipeed-Maix-Dock specification download: Sipeed-Maix-Dock

Sipeed-Maix-Dock schematic download: [Sipeed-Maix-Dock][Sipeed-Maix-Dock](


Maix Dock cannot use MobaXterm or other software which does not support manual serial port flow control for serial communication.
To avoid wasting time, it is recommended to use MaixPy for communication.

You can open terminal in MaixPy top menu bar tools->open terminals->new terminal->Connect to serial ports ->select the correct serial port->baudrate 115200, to create a new terminal