The SP_Weather weather module has two sensors, the magnetic sensor QMC7983, which is a three-axis magnetic sensor with built-in sensitivity compensation and NTC. It has excellent dynamic range and accuracy and ultra-low power consumption. The temperature, humidity and air pressure sensor BME280 can simultaneously measure temperature Humidity and atmospheric pressure.


Magnetic sensor QMC7983

  • Magnetic induction range: ±30 Gauss
  • Accuracy: 1mG per LSB
  • RMS noise: 2mG
  • External interface: I2C, default address 0x2C, can be adjusted by selecting resistance
  • Working voltage: 2.6V~3.6V
  • Working temperature: -30°C ~ 85°C

Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor BME280

  • The key parameters of the temperature sensor
    • Measuring range: -40°C~85
    • Accuracy:
range(°C) accuracy(°C)
25 ±0.5
0~65 ±1.0
-20~0 ±1.25
-40~-20 ±1.5
  • Key parameters of humidity sensor
    • Response time (τ63%): 1 s
    • Accuracy tolerance: ±3% relative humidity
    • Hysteresis: ±1% relative humidity
  • Key parameters of air pressure sensor
    • RMS noise: 0.2Pa (equivalent to 1.7cm)
    • Offset temperature coefficient: ±1.5 Pa/K (equivalent to ±12.6cm when the temperature changes at 1℃)
  • External interface: I2C, default address 0x76, can be adjusted by selecting resistance
  • Working voltage: 1.71V~3.6V
  • Working temperature: -30°C ~ 85°C

For detailed module information, please refer to Meteorological Module Specification and Data Manual


  1. Preparation: The development board with the latest firmware, sp_weather module.

  2. Run: Connect the module, modify the configuration surrounded by config in Sample Code, you can see the magnetism printed on the terminal after running Sensor and air pressure temperature and humidity sensor data

The procedure is as follows:

weather=SPWEATHER(i2c=i2c_bus) # create sp_weather
while 1:
    print(weather.qmc_read_xyz) # QMC7983 read data
    print(weather.bme_values) # BME280 read data

>>> I2C devices:[44, 118]
(228, 123, 156)
('31.0C', '1017.75hPa', '34.32%')
(235, 130, 185)
('30.75C', '1017.74hPa', '34.31%')
(235, 130, 161)
('30.7C', '1017.82hPa', '34.32%')

The main steps are:

  • Create SPWEATHE (parameter: I2C object).

  • Read magnetic sensor data and temperature and humidity data. (The data read are all tuples)