Essential basic knowledge

To start using MaixPy, we recommend at least the following basic knowledge (if not, you need to learn first):

  • Have enough patience and attentiveness, able to calm down to study technology, carefully review documents, and concentrate on writing code

  • With Python or Micropython foundation, will use Python basic syntax.

    • If you don’t know the Python syntax, but you have the basis of other programming languages, please use Baidu to search the Python Tutorial to learn the basic syntax part;
    • If you don’t know any programming language, then this document looks very difficult, please learn the basic syntax and usage of Python
  • There is at least one kind of MCU development foundation, and can understand the basic circuit diagram. At present, there is no tutorial for people with zero foundation in this document.

The reason for having MCU development experience is that this document has not taught some basic terms, such as what is UART? What is I2S? And in the future, most of these basic knowledge will not be elaborated (but in fact, if you are good at using search tools to learn, you can learn even if you don’t understand)

If the above points are not satisfied at all, it is recommended to make up the missing ones first, otherwise the learning and development process will be extremely difficult! ! ! !