Sipeed M1/M1W (Lichee Dan)

  1. M1/M1W


M1: K210 all-pin leads, built-in 8M SRAM in chip, built-in 16M Flash in module
M1W is the version with WiFi (esp8285)

Module WIFI FLASH SRAM Description
M1 None 16MiB 8MiB ---
M1W ES8285 16MiB 8MiB ---
M1n None 16MiB 8MiB ---
  1. M1n


The M1n core module adopts the M.2 golden finger interface and has a 24Pin FPC base onboard. Compared with M1/M1W, users can quickly integrate K210 into their own creative or commercial products.

  1. Download

Chip K210 Datasheet: Kendryte official website

M1n data download:
M1n schematic download: Sipeed M1n Datasheet V1.0.pdf