K210 module core board


Kendryte K210 is a system-on-chip (SoC) that integrates machine vision and machine hearing capabilities. It uses TSMC's ultra-low power 28-nanometer advanced manufacturing process, with dual-core 64-bit processors, and has good power consumption performance and stability And reliability. The program strives for zero-threshold development, which can be deployed in the user's products in the shortest time, giving the product artificial intelligence.

Kendryte K210 is located in the SoC of the AI ​​and IoT market, and it is also a very convenient MCU.

The Chinese meaning of Kendryte is Kanzhi(堪智), and Kanzhi is derived from Geophysical Prospecting. The main application field of this chip is the Internet of Things field, and it is developed in the field of Internet of Things, so it is Prospecting; this chip mainly provides Artificial intelligence solutions are explored in the field of artificial intelligence, so they are intellectual exploration.

Have machine vision capabilities
With machine hearing ability
Better low-power vision processing speed and accuracy
Equipped with a convolutional artificial neural network hardware accelerator KPU, which can perform convolutional artificial neural network operations with high performance
TSMC 28nm advanced manufacturing process, temperature range -40°C to 125°C, stable and reliable
Support firmware encryption, which is difficult to crack with ordinary methods
Unique programmable IO array makes product design more flexible
Low voltage, lower power consumption compared with systems with the same processing capacity
3.3V/1.8V dual voltage support, no level conversion required, cost saving

  1. AI solutions

1.1. Machine Vision

Kendryte K210 has machine vision capabilities and is a zero-threshold machine vision embedded solution. It can perform convolutional neural network calculations with low power consumption.

The chip can achieve the following machine vision capabilities:

General target detection based on convolutional neural network
Image classification task based on convolutional neural network
Face detection and face recognition
Get the size and coordinates of the detected target in real time
Real-time acquisition of the types of detected targets

1.2. Machine hearing

Kendryte K210 has machine hearing capabilities. The chip comes with a high-performance microphone array audio processor, which can perform real-time sound source orientation and beamforming.

The chip can achieve the following machine hearing capabilities:

Sound source orientation
Sound field imaging
Wake up
Speech Recognition

1.3. Hybrid vision/auditory solutions
Kendryte K210 can combine machine vision and machine hearing capabilities to provide more powerful functions. On the one hand, in the application, it can not only assist machine vision to track the target through sound source localization and sound field imaging, but also obtain the target position through general target detection. After assisting the machine hearing to perform beamforming on the position. On the other hand, the direction of the person can be obtained through the image from the camera, so that the microphone array can be directed to the person through beamforming. At the same time, the direction of a speaker can also be determined according to the microphone array , Turn the camera to point at the person.

  1. Download

Kendryte official website download page One of the must-see datasheets

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