MaixPy_DOC example tutorial template

This article explains the specifications and precautions followed by document contributors in writing tutorials, please write documents based on this article;
If you have any doubts about the template format and content, please go to the project repository MaixPy_DOC to submit ISSUE.

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  • About documentation tools

The document is written using MarkDown syntax, and the overall document project is built using gitbook; here it is recommended to use Typora and VS Code with MarkDown plug-in as a text editor

  • About document storage

Please save the example tutorial document to the path ./MaixPy_DOC/zh (here distinguish Chinese and English, Chinese: zh, English: en)/application/xxx (specific classification, please refer to the subsequent description for classification suggestions)/xxx (specific routine Name, it is recommended to use English name).md

It is recommended to use relative links for the pictures referenced in the document, and store the picture files in the folder [file name].assets in the same directory as the document;

  • Establish storage path for document classification

The recommended naming (storage path) that is strongly related to hardware peripherals is: ``

The recommended naming (storage path) that is strongly related to image is: image

The recommended naming (storage path) strongly related to KPU is: KPU

The suggested naming (storage path) of a more comprehensive routine is: demo

The following is the content of the document template:

MaixPy Example Tutorial-XXX

I. Overview:

  1. Describe the effect of this routine

  2. Briefly explain the operation steps

Two, preparation:

Explain the hardware and software environment to be prepared

  • Preliminary knowledge

  • Hardware

    Graphic description of the development board && peripheral modules used

  • Software

    Graphic description of the software tools used, MaixPy version
    If you use third-party software tools, you can attach the relevant name or download link

Specific steps




It is recommended to add pictures to show the actual running effect

Question && Feedback

  • Contributor description:

Here is an entry point for contributors


Contact (Email):