MaixPy Video Streaming RTSP Push Streaming

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2024-05-20 1.0.0 lxowalle Initial documentation


This document provides methods for pushing streaming camera image via RTSP

How to use

from maix import time, rtsp, camera, image

server = rtsp.Rtsp()
cam = camera.Camera(2560, 1440, image.Format.FMT_YVU420SP)


while True:


  1. Import the image、camera、image and rtsp modules:

    from maix import time, rtsp, camera, image
  2. Initialize the camera:

    cam = camera.Camera(2560, 1440, image.Format.FMT_YVU420SP) # Initialise camera, output resolution 2560x1440 NV21 format
    • Note that the RTSP module currently only supports the NV21 format, so the camera needs to be configured to output in NV21 format.
  3. Initialise and start the Rtsp object

    server = rtsp.Rtsp()
    • server = rtsp.Rtsp() used to create an Rtsp object
    • server.bind_camera(cam) is used to bind a Camera object, after which the original Camera object can no longer be used.
    • server.start() is used to start the rtsp push stream.
  4. Print the URL of the current RTSP stream

    python print(server.get_url())

    • server.get_url() is used to get the playback address of RTSP.
  5. Finished, after running the above code, you can play the video stream through VLC software, the tested version of VLC is 3.0.20. The default playback address is rtsp://device ip:8554/live.


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