Add extra Python packages.


MaixPy is based on the Python language and provides a wide range of functionalities and APIs for embedded application development. In addition to this, you can also use other Python packages to extend its functionality.

Installing Additional Python Packages

Please note that not all Python packages are supported. Generally, only pure Python packages are supported, not C extension packages. C extension packages may require you to manually cross-compile them on a computer (which is quite complex and won't be covered here).

Method 1: Installing Using Python Code

You can install the package you need in MaixVision using Python code, for example:

import os
os.system("pip install package_name")

To update a package, you can use:

import os
os.system("pip install --upgrade package_name")

Method 2: Installing Using the Terminal and pip Command

Follow the terminal usage method introduced in Linux Basics and use pip install package_name to install the package you need.