MF Face recognition module MF1

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    1.0 2019.07.30 Initial version
    1.2 2020.08.1

    table of Contents

    -Introduction to hardware resources
    -Function Introduction
    -Module Features
    -Instructions for use
    -Application plan
    -Serial Module

    Introduction to Hardware Resources

    • CPU: RISC-V dual-core 64bit, built-in FPU, frequency 400Mhz-500Mhz
    • Image recognition: living body recognition
    • Dual cameras: infrared + visible light
    • Infrared filling light: 3W infrared light emitting diode
    • Display: 1.33 inches TFT, resolution 240*320 display
    • Other peripherals: capacitive touch button/support 3W speaker/MEMS microphone/SD NAND/RGB LED
    • Wireless function (optional): Support 2.4G 802.11.b/g/n, SPI connection

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    Function Introduction

    MF1 pin map