MF0 Machine Learning Core Module

    Software and hardware overview

    MF0 face recognition module appearance at a glance

    Description Front view Back view
    MF0 MF0 front Pin Map
    MF0 back view
    MF0 Dock

    Module features:

    • CPU: RISC-V 64bit dual-core processor, 400Mhz standard frequency (overclockable)
    • Image recognition: QVGA@60FPS/VGA@30FPS
    • Deep learning framework: TensorFlow/Keras/Darknet
    • Peripherals: FPIOA, UART, GPIO, SPI, I²C, I²S, WDT, TIMER, etc
    • 2.54mm pitch DIP/SMT pad
    • Can be connected to a breadboard
    • Onboard camera connector
    • ROM: 4MByte
    • RAM: 6MByte (General purpose) + 2MByte (KPU dedicated)

    Hardware pin

    No. Description
    24 User IO24
    25 User IO25
    26 User IO26, MF0_Dock(LCD_RST)
    27 User IO27, MF0_Dock(LCD_CLK)
    28 User IO28, MF0_Dock(LCD_DC)
    29 User IO29, MF0_Dock(LCD_SDA)
    --- ---
    BOOT Power-on boot mode selection (user IO16, not recommended for users)
    IO5 User IO5 (ISP_TX)
    IO4 User IO4 (ISP_RX)
    EN MF0 power enable pin, default high level enable
    RST K210 reset pin
    VIN External power supply 3.4-5.9V (5.0V recommended)
    GND External power supply ground
    3V3 Module power supply 3.3V output


    Serial port protocol:

    MFO burns HEX protocol firmware by default
    MF0 has two protocol firmware, which is convenient for users to use according to specific needs

    -HEX format serial protocol firmware
    -JSON format serial protocol firmware

    HEX example

    Serial Protocol Assistant

    Update MF0 firmware

    MF0 hardware connection:

    No. USB to serial port module MF0 IO Remarks
    1 5V VIN ---
    2 GND GND ---
    3 TX IO4 ---
    4 RX IO5 ---
    5 DTR BOOT ---
    6 RTS RST ---

    MF0 Dock hardware connection:

    After connecting according to the following table, when downloading using kflash_gui, you need to press the boot and rst buttons, and release the rst and then the boot button to ensure that the K210 enters the download mode (ISP mode)

    No. USB to serial port module MF0 Dock IO Remarks
    1 5V VIN ---
    2 GND GND ---
    3 TX IO4 ---
    4 RX IO5 ---

    Then use kflash_gui to download the MF0 firmware