Upgrade and burn system.


If you have purchased the official (Sipeed) package with a TF card, typically the system has already been pre-programmed at the factory and can be used directly without further steps.

However, to avoid using an outdated version of the pre-programmed system, it is highly recommended to first upgrade to the latest system following the tutorial.

How to Confirm if System Upgrade is Needed

  • Upon booting up to the main menu, click on Settings, then Device Info to check the system's version number.

  • Visit the MaixPy Release History page to review the update logs, which contain information on MaixPy firmware and system image updates. If there are significant updates after your current version, it is advisable to upgrade.

    If the latest system update only includes routine MaixPy firmware updates compared to your current system, you may choose not to upgrade. You can simply update MaixPy separately in Settings under Update MaixPy.

Obtaining the Latest System

Visit the MaixPy Release page to find the latest system image file, such as maixcam_os_20240401_maixpy_v4.1.0.xz.

Alternate link:

Burning the System Image to MaixCAM

Refer to the MaixCAM System Burning tutorial. Note that if the conditions for USB Burning are met, it is recommended to use the USB Burning method. The USB burning method does not require removing the TF card.