SPMOD_PSRAM(PSRAM module) uses IPS6404L-SQ PSRAM.

    SPMOD - PSRAM Introduction

    • Using Sipeed-SPMOD interface(2.54mm * 8PIN ),unified MaixPy board interface
    • Connect to the board through the SP-MOD SPI/QPI interface
    • Pseudo−SRAM:IPS6404L-SQ is 64 Mbit of SPI/QPI (serial/quad parallel interface) Pseudo−SRAM device.
    • Working frequency:104MHz
    • CLK period:30.3ns
    • Size:15.0*10.0*13.3mm

    IPS6404L-SQ Introduction:

    Features: ---
    Supply voltage of external power supply 2.7V~3.6V
    Supply current of external power supply 10mA
    Range of working temperature -30℃~85℃
    Sleep Status of Current <250μA
    Working frequency 104Mhz
    Response time of SPI read 30.3ns
    Response time of other operations 9.3ns
    interface PI/QPI optional, default SPI

    SPMOD_PSRAM pin description:

    Pin Name Type Decription
    1 GND G Ground
    2 CS I Chip Select input pin
    3 D1 I/0 Master In Slave Out
    4 D3 I/O No function (IO3 in QSPI mode)
    5 3V3 V Power supply(3.3V)
    6 SCK I SPI clock pin
    7 D0 I/0 Master Out Slave In (IO0 in QSPI mode)
    8 D2 I/O No function (IO2 in QSPI mode)


    • wait upgrade


    • SPMOD_PSRAM Size drawing:

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