Lichee Tang(Chinese means sugar) Premier

Lichee Tang uses Anlogic Technologies' EG4S20 as the core unit, 20K logic unit (LUT4/LUT5 hybrid architecture), approximately 130KB SRAM, built-in 32bit bit width 64MBit SDRAM, rich LVDS pin, built-in 12-bit 1MSPS ADC This provides unlimited possibilities for Lichee Tang sugar, the basic characteristics of the development board:

  • FPC40P seat, can be connected to RGB LCD, VGA adapter board, high speed DAC module
  • FPC24P seat, can be connected to DVP camera, high speed ADC module
  • Resistive touch screen controller for I2C interface, used with RGB LCD

  • 3-channel DCDC power chip, stable and efficient power supply, independent adjustment of Bank0 IO level

  • FPGA configuration Flash, 8Mbit
  • User Flash, nor/nand optional
  • Onboard FPGA JTAG download debugger

  • The adjacent pin LVDS is drawn in the same length, which leads to 8 GCLKs and leads to 8 ADCs.

  • Double row pin spacing 900mil, compatible with breadboard development.
  • Half hole leads to an additional 40 IO and the entire board leads to 130+ IO.

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