K210 development boards

Board WiFi Bluetooth USB to Serial USB interface Pin header type power supply Camera interface LCD interface On board Mic Accelerometer Audio PA Micro SD card slot RAM size Flash size
Dock No with M1 module/ Yes with M1W module(esp8285) No CH340 Type-C 2.54mm via USB/External 5V supply FPC interface FPC interface Yes No PAM8403(2 channel) Yes 6+2MB 16MB
Bit No No CH340 on old version / CH552 on new version Type-C 2.54mm male pin USB / External 5V supply FPC FPC No/ Yes on new version No No Yes 6+2MB 16MB
Go Yes(esp8285 No STM32f103 simulate Type-C 2.54mm male short pin USB / 5V / Lithium battery powered FPC FPC Yes MSA300 PAM8403(2 channel) Yes 6+2MB 16MB
Maixduino Yes(esp32) Yes(esp32) CH552 simulate Type-C 2.54mm female connector USB / DC-050 2.1mm 6V~12V FPC FPC Yes No NS4150 single channel + 1.25mm connector Yes 6+2MB 16MB

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